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Placing clients first and respecting their business experience honouring the opportunity to assist in improving their workforce and employment outcomes.

More than just experts.

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Providing candid and independent guidance based on sound judgment and experience and which challenges expectations. 

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Crafting innovative and practical responses to client concerns with a clear plan to achieving the right outcomes the first time.

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A direct and enduring relationship of confidence and loyalty that remains into the future ensuring continued success.

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A specialised employment law firm delivering service at the highest level, and ensuring value for money and timely responsiveness.

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Expertise - /kəˈməːʃ(ə)l | ˌɛkspəːˈtiːz/ adject. noun [M] /

Experienced legal practitioners who understand business imperatives and deliver legal solutions that carefully reflect commercial realities.

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Added: 06 / 03 / 2015

Recruitment - if you're not prepared to disclose it, don't write it down"

A recruitment process usually involves submitting a CV and completing an interview.  During the interview, the prospective employer will usually take notes about the job applicant and may have email discussions with human resource and operations managers.  On some occassions, psychometric testing may also be undertaken.  After the recruitment process has concluded, the successful application (or applicants) will receive an offer of employment and other applicants may be rejected.



The Human Rights Review Tribunal considered the extent to which information obtained during a recruitment process might have to be disclosed in the context of a claim for unlawful discrimination.  The case illustrates the extent to which an employer may have to disclose information obtained during the recruitment cycle.